About us

About Dorg & Remfeldt Consultancy

Dorg & Remfeldt Consultancy contributes to the development of the Conflict Transformation Field in Norway and abroad. We work into difficult or deadlocked situations in workplaces, in organizations, in businesses, in society - simply, in any conflict situation that has become protracted and difficult. Our customers are small, medium and large public and private organizations and businesses in need of consultation, facilitation, coaching or training. We have built up a team and a reputation in Norway and internationally we are proud of, competing with the best. Dorg & Remfeldt Consultancy cooperates with the lawfirm, Simonsen Vogt Wiik. We are engaged all over Norway, as well as in India, Ireland and the Middle East.

Thomas Dorg

Partner and Advisor

Dorg has extensive experience with conflict work locally and globally. He has a Masters degree in Conflict Resolution from the University of Bradford. Dorg is an Assistant Professor at the Diakonhjemmet University College, and an Associate Lecturer in Conflict and Mediation with the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for Conflict Intervention in Ireland. See CV for more information.

Vidar Remfeldt

Partner and Advisor

Remfeldt has long experience as a Public and Private Sector leader, where he has been in charge of extensive re-organization and downscaling processes. He is educated in leadership and pedagogy, and has experience from UN military operations abroad. Vidar is an experienced mediator, and is mentoring mediation students at Diakonhjemmet University College. See CV for more information.

Morten Skjørshammer

Associated Partner and Advisor (PhD)

Skjørshammer has long experience as a Leader, Associated Professor and Consultant. He is a psychologist with a PhD in Health issues and hospital conflicts. He was the Director of Diakonhjemmet Hospital for twelve years and has had many consultancy assignments in the Health Sector regarding leadership and conflict management. See CV for more information.

Our Partners

Simonsen Vogt Wiik
SVW is one of Norway´s largest and leading law firms, with expertise and experience in workplace conflicts. We cooperate in ongoing conflicts and in training courses and education modules.
Our contact person in SVW is Senior Lawyer, Trond Erik Kvalsnes.